Terms and Conditions

Reservation Conditions:

  • Bookings require a deposit of 50% of total amount to secure your stay. Should a deposit not be received, we reserve the right to cancel the booking without further notice.
  • Cancellations:    100% of value of stay charged if cancellation is less than 24 hours prior to date of stay; 50% cancellation fee charged for 2 – 14 days and 25% charged for more than 14 days.
  • Full duration of stay will be charged for premature departure.
  • Weekends; a minimum of two nights to be booked.

Check-in and Check-out:

  • Deposits can be made directly by Electronic Funds Transfer.
  • Check-in time for accommodation is from 14h00 on the day of arrival. Check-out time from the accommodation is 11h00 on the day of departure. 

General conditions

  • No pets allowed due to the presence of horses and other farm animals. 
  • The house is a non-smoking area on the inside.
  • There are small game and livestock on the farm, so guests are kindly requested to ensure that all motor or pedestrian gates are kept closed and latched at all times.
  • No additional guest will be allowed to visit or stay over without arrangement with managing staff. In such event payment for the additional overnight stay or day visitor's fee shall be settled before the arrival of the additional guests. 
Disclaimer / Liability:
  • Please make sure you take all you belongings when you depart. Neither the owner nor the managing staff will be responsible for the loss or damage to belongings once you check out.
  • The use of all the facilities in the house and outside is done so at your own risk. Neither the owner nor the managing staff can be held liable for any injury, death or damage to possessions during your stay.
  • The guests are directly responsible for all negligent, accidental, intentional, or unintentional damage to the house, its contents and property, caused by the guest, their family, or their guests, and will be charged for all repairs, replacement and other related expenses and costs.