Things to Do

Fishing - The river lends to fishing for the avid angler. The Vaal River is habitat to South Africa’s scarce indigenous Largemouth Yellowfish and Smallmouth Yellowfish, as well as more common species including Mudfish, Moggel, Barbel and Carp. The Vaal dam is also a short distance away should you wish to test some other waters.   

Canoeing - The river is best suited for canoeing and offers calm waters suitable for beginners as well as exciting rapids for more experienced rafters. Boating waters are close by at the Vaal dam and the Barrage.

Horse riding - Horse riding is available on request for experienced riders. (Children can ride in the ring)

Relaxing – Catch up on reading under a tree, take a nap, have a picnic, braai, spoil the horses or take a walk.